Free Certified Nursing Assistant Practice Test Providers

December 25, 2011

Finding Free Practice Tests

Certified Nursing Assistant Practice Test

Taking time to complete a free certified nursing assistant practice test can be worth it’s weight in gold when it comes to preparing for the big day and getting you ready to take your certification test, both mentally as well as emotionally as it will due wonders in calming your nerves and giving you the peace of mind that you have practiced before it all goes down. There are a host of free CNA practice tests scoured throughout the internet but it should be known that you will want to find one that is provided by a reputable source in the CNA and/or medical profession. These tests can consist of various subjects regarding the CNA feild which some can include:

  • Patient Rights
  • The Role of the CNA
  • Exercising Patients
  • Patient Vitals
  • Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Needs of Patients
  • Hygiene and Grooming
  • Containing & Controling Infection
  • Preventing Injury
  • Signs of Patient Neglect
  • Medical Terminology
  • Proper Nutrition
  • Reporting & Collecting Patient Information

Free CNA Practice Test Providers

Prometric Free Nursing Assistant Practice Test – If you are going into the CNA profession, you have probably heard of Prometric, which if you have not they are on of the main forces in administering certification exams and the go to company for most all CNA schools which they refer their students to Prometric testing sites. For this reason alone, Prometric’s no cost CNA practice test should without a doubt be used for test preperation. This is a 50 question sample test with the correct answers near the last pages.

National Nurse Aide Assesment Program (NNAAP) Free CNA Test - The NNAAP are the biggest providers in CNA assesment which they have provided testing to over a million different individuals, so needless to say this costless nurse aide practice test is a very valuable resource. This test consists of 60 different sample questions, which they also provide a page near the end with all the correct answers.

Med-Care Free CNA Practice Test – Med-Care is a vocational school located in Connecticut and is a force in providing individuals with CNA education to enable them to enjoy sucessful careers. They have small portion of 12 different questions, which is a small amount but can still provide one with much needed test preperation.

The free resources above are all geared towards providing you with questions to help you be prepared for the CNA certification testing and give you the best chances possible to pass. Some have a myriad of questions, some have a small amount but regardless of the total an aspring certified nurse assistant should take as many free practice tests as possible as you may find different questions in each one allowing you to gain a little more knowledge and experience than you had before taking it.

Clinical CNA Test Preperation

These free certified nursing assistant practice tests are geared towards providing you with sample questions that you may come across during the written/multiple choice test. As far as the clinical portion goes, the best thing to prepare for this portion is to visit Youtube and type in “clinical skills” which there will be multiple pages all providing you with video tutorials showing you how to administer these skills properly, which on the test you will have to do 5 correctly which you will get 3 attempts at each.

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