Getting Your Name Into Certified Nursing Assistant Registry

December 26, 2011

What The CNA Registry Is All About

Certified Nursing Assistant Registry

There is a CNA registry for every single state in the United states which operated for many purposes, and serve as statewide databases for all certified CNA’s throughout the entire state. In order to get into your states CNA registry you must pass an accredited CNA course, which can be done in many locations or through organizations like; nursing homes, community colleges, vocational schools, long term care facilities, hospitals and more, which again must be accredited by the states nurse aide registry which you can find out by calling your states registry and/or checking if it has been given accrediation status by the National League of Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC).

What A Certified Nursing Assistant Registry Does


Besides holding the names of all individuals who have become certified CNA’s, the other main aspects that a nursing assistant registry oversees are:

  • Holds records above the employment history of a CNA, allowing employers to check in on if they were a good worker while they were employed by their previous or current employer. If a CNA has had anything negative filed against them, hiring employers will be know about it, allowing them to stray away from hiring a dangerous or neglegent employer. Employers are able to call the registry and verify if the applicant that has applied with them has completed all the comptency evaluation prerequisites.
  • A CNA registry also serves the purpose of recertifying a nurse aide, which is usually done every 2 years, where the registry will send out recertifcation forms 60 to 90 days before their 2 year timeframe has concluded. The registry makes sure that the individual has met certain requirements for working enough hours in the 2 years, which nurse aide registries usually demand 8 hours of paid work to stay certified.
  • A nurse aide registry also deals with CNA’s who are coming from another state, which they have to file what is called an ”Application For Enrollement By Reciprocity” which is permission to work as a CNA in the new state. This will verity if they are in good standing with the states Nurse Aide Registry that they are moving fro.
  • Some certified nurse aide registries can also provide free practice tests which enable aspiring CNA’s to be able to prepare for the written portion of the test. These tests usually come in the form of 50 to 70 different multiple choice questions which at the end will be a sheet with all the correct answers. These free cna practice tests can be offered through the CNA registry or downloadable online.
  • Registries also work with different competency test providers and organize different testing locations around the state where certification exams are administered, which testing for the most part is done through the National Nurse Aide Assesment Program as well as Prometric.
  • Each states CNA registry also holds all the requirements for becoming a CNA, both requirements to get into a training course which can include; a high school education or GED, proof of no infections diseases, 18 or older, not pregnant among others, as well as those needed to take your certification test which can include; background checks, finger prints, immunizations a physical, negative Tuberculosis (TB) test and more.
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